BPAAS Solutions has developed following solutions. A demonstration for these can be requested and they can be implemented for customers, as per their requirements, in minimal time:

GST E-Invoicing Portal

BPAAS E-Invoicing Portal has been developed to enable customers to integrate with Indian Government’s IRN Portal and have real time dashboards available to management for their view and appropriate actions. Click here to know more.

Vendor Portal

BPAAS Vendor Portal has all functionalities which are required to cover P2P cycle related to vendor processes. This portal delivers Vendor Registration, Vendor On-boarding, Vendor Purchase Order view, Vendor Invoice view, supporting documents storage etc. This portal has open API’s to be integrated with back end ERP’s and DMS systems. Click here to know more.

AI Based Extraction Engine

BPAAS Extraction Engine enables customers to extract information from their paper involved processes. For example: Delivery Challans, Invoices, Certificate of Analysis, and Physical Quality Checks. This engine can be integrated with other systems and can have a maker/checker approval workflow. Click here to know more.

Sourcing Portal

BPAAS Sourcing portal has functionalities related to sourcing processes which are RFQ Generation/Approval, RFQ/RFP release to multiple vendors, capture Vendor Responses, Comparative Analysis of Quotes, Purchase Order Generation, and Purchase Requisition Flow. The portal can be integrated with BPAAS Vendor Portal. The portal has open API’s for integration with back end ERP systems.

Point-of-Sale Portal

BPAAS Point-of-Sale Portal has been developed for clients catering to fun and amusements parks. The solution has functionalities which captures customer information, tax related information, signing a waiver, promotion or discount processes, food & beverage menu, ticket & bill generation. The system provides a real time dashboard to management on daily sales and expenses. Reports such as Daily Sales Report, Sales by Product, Audit Trails etc. can be generated and saved from the system. Click here to know more.

Technological Expertise

BPAAS Solutions has developed expertise in various areas of technology. Currently our team has expertise on technologies like Java (Spring & Hibernate), Angular & Node JS, PWA, PL/SQL, Dot Net.

Our delivery team has started providing services on Newgen DMS & other BPM Products, and Automation Anywhere RPA products.